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Pretty Lou’s Artist Spotlight of the week – DANSE of BKLYN STICKUP

Born two months premature to a teenage mother and raised in Brooklyn, Danse Daimons has been beating the odds from day one. He has been through it all from graduating from college, hustling in the streets to working a 9-5 to support his family- all while mastering the art of survival in the concrete metropolis.

Hailing from the birthplace of many hip hop pioneers, Danse knows how critical it is to protect the integrity of rap and his hood. He had rapped as a hobby in college but after collaborating with a few close friends they decided it was time to take initiative and let everybody know what Danse is all about.

He’s at the frontline of the BKLYN STICKUP movement, an independent NY based label comprised of producers, directors and other artists. It is completely self operated and everything that has come to fruition up to this point comes as result of the BKLYN STICKUP staff and supporters. His energy is unparalleled and his following continues to grow at exponential rates.

With a certain distaste for bubble gum rap, he wants everyone to understand, his gripe isn’t with the artists making dance songs or wearing tight clothes, it’s purely with the OVER SATURATION of these things in hip hop. Hearing enough of this approach- Danse is here to make sure he has the whole world screaming BKLYN STICKUP.

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Pretty Lou’s Artist Pick of The Week : Matty Tosca

The Matty Tosca sound stands far out from his Brooklyn, NY counterparts by debuting his poetic talents through the Hip-Rock genre. After years on the underground circuit, a chance meeting resulted in Matty Tosca partnering with super ghost producer Shaka Adres to create what industry insiders are calling the most mind blowing musical tag team since Eminem and Dr. Dre!


This is a new wave of Vamp Music – Matty Tosca and Spooky along with Jim Jones, Deep, Mel Matrix, LB Reign and Geda K put together one of the best mixtapes ever just tune in and listen below:


Contact Matty Tosca / LIVE TEAM NETWORK (LTN)
Twitter: @MattytoscaLTN

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Pretty Lou’s Artist Pick of The Week : Lantana

Pretty Lou: Lantana, who recently dropped his latest joint, the “The All Hustle No Luck Tape,” grew up in the streets of Cincinnati, and actually lived on Lantana St., when he was growing up, so it was fitting that he chose to go by that name. “They used to call me “Easy,” he recalls, “but I went away for a little while (he had been incarcerated) and people starting calling me that, and it stuck. It meant something to me, and it represents my people.”

Team Lantana includes his business partner and co-manager Dan Gotti, his executive producer Sparkz Tha Trakman as well as co-manager James Rosemond, Jr. / RoyalDream Management.

Lantana describes his lyrics as authentic, “My lyrics are real to me; they come from how I feel about a situation. I’m not trying to please nobody, but this is who I am,” he explains.

As Lantana explains, ‘The All Hustle No Luck Tape’ is my best work to date and it’s just the beginning of my story. I really want to have an impact on my listeners. I want to inspire people to want more for themselves and those around them. I truly do it for my people.”

Listen to his latest Mix Tape “All Hustle, No Luck” on

Interview with Pretty Lou:

Lantana- Every Cloud In It (Official Music Video)

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