will.i.am Reveals Funny Prince-Michael Jackson Incident in Vegas

If you’ve been a Prince or Michael Jackson fan, you’d know that they both had a rivalry in their prime. Although it was never supposed to be that serious, stories from their encounters have always been entertaining.

will.i.am was a guest on The Ellen Show and confirmed a previously rumored story about an encounter between the to late greats.

Michael Jackson called Will and asked him for tickets to a Black Eyed Peas show in Vegas but MJ couldn’t make it because he had to put the kids to sleep. So Will offered him to come to an after party where Will and the Peas were supposed to perform a short set with Prince. MJ wasn’t too comfortable but agreed to come after Will made Prince’s reps extend a special invite to Michael.

While Will, Michael and Chris Tucker were sitting in the VIP, Prince left the stage and came to their section aggressively playing his bass guitar. We will let will.i.am tell the rest!

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