Greetings and welcome to the world of Pretty Lou

I am so happy and grateful for finally opening up my first website. I want to be the first person to change the online world of hip hop and at the same time deliver to my readers exclusive entertainment from music and night life to the week’s “Eye Candy”.  Log on everyday for upcoming and featured artists, new music and listen to your favorite DJ’s mixtapes.

Read the latest blogs from different bloggers , check out the photo gallery and look to see if I’ll be in your neighborhood hosting at some of Tri-State’s hottest clubs. Also, don’t forget to log on every Monday night or you can log on directly to nitelineradio.com from 10:00pm to 12:00am and listen to the #1 online radio show with me PrettyLou as your host on Front Stage Radio.

I hope you guys enjoy the website. Any and all feed back is very much appreciated. Before I go, I would like to give a special shout out and a great big thank you to a few people who helped make this dream of mine into a reality: Gigi, who designed this site, Angel & Showbiz from DPI Creative for the photography and my management team Mista Bless & Jenn from Street Loyalty Management for developing my brand. Once again welcome to my world.

P.S. Make sure to let Power know what’s up!