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50 Cent on ‘Drink Champs’ Podcast

In case you ain’t know, N.O.R.E. and his partner DJ EFN have a successful podcast called ‘Drink Champs’ on CBS Radio. The two have been trying to get 50 Cent on their show for a while now and the G-Unit general finally gave in and appeared for a talk a few days ago.

After hyping up the episode for last week, the hosts have finally released the much awaited episode. It’s part 1 for now but it’s about one hour 15 minutes long featuring a lot of talk. 50, Noreaga and DJ EFN discuss the success of the TV show Power, Effen Vodka, N.O.R.E. and 50 Cent’s history together (50 did one of his first collabs with N.O.R.E. around 2000), and a lot more.

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PRETTY LOU Talks with Celebrity Photographer Christopher Buddhu

PRETTY LOU: How long have you been a photographer

CHRIS: Going on my 5th year, On and off!

PRETTY LOU: What inspired you to pick a camera 5 years ago?

CHRIS: About 10 years I was working with a professional wedding photographer as his assistant. At that time I didn’t care for photography, people would steal his equipment but that came to an end when he hired me. I eventually develop an interest towards the later years of my bosses life… His name was Tony Jimenez. He had cancer and passed away while he was giving tips and advise on how to capture the moment during his last days… I miss you Tony!

PRETTY LOU: What is the most challenging thing about being a photographer

CHRIS: Maintaining a positive attitude at all times… No matter what you do in life when you are making an attempt to come up in whatever industry you are in, you will have individuals that don’t want to see you shine. Be persistent!!!

PRETTY LOU: How do you feel about technology affecting the photography industry? Do you think it has over saturated the business?

CHRIS: I feel that it’s the individual not the equipment, you either adapt or die.

IMG_03181PRETTY LOU: What do you prefer to shoot on and why?

CHRIS: I prefer Nikon, my old boss that passed away invested into $60,000 worth of equipment. He told me Cannon equipment would break easily, lots of faulty malfunctions with their lens as an example. I didn’t know much about photography at the time. I trusted his judgement. I’ve had my Nikon D 5000 for 5 years and my Nikon D 610 for 2 years now. Not one single issue.

PRETTY LOU: Thanks Chris, it was great talking with you. How can our subscribers follow you and get in contact with you for future bookings?

CHRIS: Facebook: Christopher Buddhu
Instagram: Christopher_Buddhu
Twitter: C40Buddha

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Mister Cee Resigns From Hot 97 After Another Sex Scandal

Here we go again. Famed DJ Mister Cee of Hot 97 has been arrested in the past for soliciting sex from transgender prostitutes but another scandal has hit him today which has supposedly resulted in his resignation from Hot 97.

A drag queen named Bimbo Winehouse has claimed to possess a voice-mail of the DJ of asking for sexual services and even put out a video to prove it which you can watch below (5 minute mark onwards). Shortly the scandal hit the internet, Mister Cee went on air on Hot 97 and announced his resignation. Here are some of the excerpts:

“I’m hurting the people closest to me that is My Hot 97 family. So I have decided that it’s time for me to move on. This is not a Joke. Today is really my last day on this box. & I’m Good.”

UPDATE: Now with audio of him announcing his resignation.

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Talib Kweli Shows Off ‘Prisoner of Conscious’ CD Booklet + Album Stream

Talib Kweli’s new album Prisoner Of Conscious will be in stores Today, May 8th, watch as he goes on camera to show the fans the unique booklet which comes inside the CD packaging. Looks like a winner.

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