Pretty Lou’s Artist Pick Of The Week: Asia Violet

Pretty Lou: Amongst the sea of talented artists, in the bustling metropolis, is a Pop Princess hailing from Hollis, Queens… Asia Violet.

The city’s culture breeds strong competition, which is second to none and takes more than just talent to be amongst the successful elite. Asia Violet has made a distinct impact on the industry and demands everyone’s attention. With an outgoing personality, winning smile and serious attitude, this soon to be pop phenom has honed her skills as a well-rounded multi-talented artist and performer from a very young age. With dance as her first love, Violet has also added singer, actor and model to her repertoire.

This Pop Princess will prove to be a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for the year of Asia Violet!

Asia Violet Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

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Posted by : Mista Bless