Rick Ross Returns To The Breakfast Club; Addresses ‘Color Money’ Track

There isn’t too much anticipation for Rick Ross’ Black Market album which will be in stores tomorrow but he stopped by with The Breakfast Club earlier today for some promo.

He talked about the upcoming album, his problems with 50 Cent and more but the main topic of conversation has to be what he had to say about Birdman. On ‘Color Money‘ he had some words that sounded like they might have been aimed at Drake and Stunna:

“My lil homie made a million on his girl tour
We back to back and down to wack a n*gga unborn
Miami n*ggas got ’em changing all the gun laws
So run Forest, got some shooters and they dying too
I got more money than that p*ssy that you’re signed to”

He addressed his bars but once again but gave indirect answers to the hosts’ question, saying that he doesn’t have a relationship with Birdman. “I respect Lil Wayne’s struggle. I’m supporting Lil Wayne right now.”

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