DJ Quik Speaks on Hearing Part of ‘Detox’ & Relationship with Dr. Dre

DJ Quik recently sat down with Montreality for a detailed interview where he spoke on a number of topics including the type of student he was in school, jobs he had as a teenager, his favorite cartoon character, meeting Kendrick Lamar and hearing To Pimp A Butterfly, memories of Eazy-E and more.

The most interesting part of the chat is when he talks about Dr. Dre’s long awaited & mythical album Detox (at the 12.15 mark). Quik says that he has heard part of the album in the past which sounded incredible. He also speaks on his relationship with Dre, dismissing rumors that there is tension between the two and revealing that he’s often helped him in the production process on other artists’ albums.

Watch the interview below.

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