Funkmaster Flex Says Jay Z’s Life + Times Is “Trash”

Flex has surprised everyone by speaking out on Hot 97 and calling Jay Z’s Life + Times and calling it “trash”.

The issue stems from the fact that before Jay Z did his deal with Samsung in 2013, Flex was asked about his own DJ Funkmaster Flex app and he claims that Life + Times put the information not into the story, but into Jay’s app. He also goes onto say that the reason he is sharing this information is because he received an e-mail from the site today asking him if he’d do an interview about his involvement in the Dipset re-union, but when he DJ’d at 40/40 he was told not to play Dipset records. Then he went on to play ‘The ROC’. Ouch.

Flex: “We fast forward to today. My assistant gets an e-mail. “We would like to do a story about your involvement in the Dipset re-union” from Life + Times maga- What is it, a site? Site’s trash. A bunch of dumb big pictures and no numbers. Y’all can’t move with me in this digital space.”

Hear Flex’s full rant below.

Skip to 10:24

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