Music Choice Chronicles: 50 Cent (Documentary)

Music Choice, the multi-platform video and music network kicked of their Chronicles series on their TV channel Music Choice Play last week. 50 Cent is the first in the artist-focused documentary series which chronicles his rise from a drug dealer to a successful rapper and entrepreneur.

50 takes us on a journey from start of his career with Jam Master Jay and getting dropped by his label to finally getting a deal with Dr. Dre and Eminem. He also talks about his early influences like EPMD, KRS-One ans Nas, his critics questioning his hit making ability, various business ventures like Cheetah Vision Films and SMS Audio, boxing promotion, departure from Interscope, his respect for Eminem and much more.

“The 1 Grammy I have is for ‘Crack A Bottle’. I couldn’t even have that without Em.”

This is a must watch for all 50 Cent fans!

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