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(VIDEO) 50 Cent Feat. Kidd Kidd – ‘Everytime I Come Around’

50 Cent continues his strong Animal Ambition wave with another new release tonight titled ‘Everytime I Come Around’ featuring his new protege Kidd Kidd. Just like his flow on ‘Pilot’, 50 effortlessly rides the smooth instrumental, while Kidd continues to show his potential.

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(VIDEO) Jim Jones Feat. Trav & King Jigg – ‘Whole Thing’

Jim Jones links up with Queens rappers Trav & King Jigg for his latest song and in-studio video ‘Whole Thing’. Expect a new project from the Dipset rapper soon.

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(AUDIO) DJ Khaled – “They Don’t Love You No More” (Feat. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana)

DJ Khaled has a new anthem on his hands with “They Don’t Love You No More”. Getting the almighty Jay-Z feature, DJ Khaled calls on Meek Mill, Rick Ross, & French Montana to provide us with new heat. We The Best’s head honcho has started the summer off right! Tune in.

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Pretty Lou interview’s Mista Blessington CEO of #StreetLoyalty

Pretty Lou: Sup, Mista Bless – (laughing) it feels kind of awkward interviewing my manager & business partner but tell the listeners how long you’ve been working behind the scenes in this music industry & some of the most notable achievement’s you accomplished??

Mista Blessington: Peace Lou, let me start off by saying this… If it wasn’t for my unshakable relationship with God I wouldn’t have direction in my life. I started out back in 1999 rhyming amongst my peers but took it serious when Wu-Tang Clan’s “Killah Priest” gave me some props. He was one of the few emcees who inspired me to record music because I respect his content and message.

Pretty Lou: I remember back in 2004, you put out a lot of mix tapes and you were one of the youngest guys in Parkslope, (Brooklyn) to have recorded with signed artist.

Mista Blessington: that’s true, my goal was to actually work with unsigned artist who I believed were the next wave of Hip Hop at that time! I called that mixtape series the “100 Proof” and it eventually won an award for the “best promotional” mixtape at the Justo Mix Tape Awards ceremony.

Pretty Lou: Name some of the Artist you worked with on your mixtapes?

Mista Blessington: The first group I worked with was called Pitch Black. They really inspired me by allowing me to witness the process of making a hit record with DJ Premier. But to give you an idea of the artist I’ve worked with on mixtapes were… Dead Prez, The Last Emperor, Saigon & Tru-Life, Grafh, Chamillionaire, Littles from QB, Cuban Linx and R&B singer Lil Mo to name a few. All of those experiences led to me eventually becoming an Executive Producer.

Pretty Lou: I remember you were also into promoting parties in The City how did that happen?

Mista Blessington: At the time Hollywood Chuck had the biggest party promotion’s in NYC because he teamed up with Joe Jaxson and all of the DVD companies that put out Hip Hop content. I ran around with a known Brooklyn OG at that time (RIP) who introduced us and we started throwing parties from there. I started managing a DJ named Walt Live Jones around that time and used him at most of my events. He is now one of the Executive A&R’s up at Sony! I’m proud of him and it’s humbling to hear him attribute some of his successes to our early days grinding.

Pretty Lou: Wow, I never knew that!! and How did you get into philanthropy work? I like how you got Karen Gravano involved in charity work from the “VH1 Mob Wives” show.

Mista Blessington: Yeah, I met a celebrity sports Agent named Glenn Toby while working with Will Pittman the Owner of Hall of Fame in Queens who afforded me the opportunity to run and restructure his non profit foundation in NYC and Atlanta. We created Literacy initiatives and used entertainers & athletes to provide mentorship and motivational speeches. I actually met Karen on Front Stage Radio and she showed great interest in speaking to under privileged women who were victims of domestic violence. She became our spokes model for change. Working with Glenn we brought Olympian Samir Laine, Basketball Wives Malaysia Pargo & The Usher Foundation’s Cammie Rice into the NYC Board of Education to inspire the kids of NY.

Pretty Lou: What’s next for Mista Bless?

Mista Blessington: first let me say my main priority is making Pretty Lou the biggest household name in entertainment media (Laughing) but besides helping to brand your company and public image I’m working with the undefeated UBF Inter-Continental Boxing Champion Heather Hardy out of Gleason’s Gym in NYC and I’m also the C.E.O. of SL Management & Consulting, LLC which provides brand development and viral marketing for a lot of products, celebrities & athletes. Right now I’m working with James Rosemond, who just recently signed Lantana his first artist so look out for his music. I’m all over the place to be honest, (Laughing) I’m looking for new intern’s to help me. Also Check out this new company www.CutInvite.com or @Cutinvites on Instagram, they’re official for high end boxed invitation’s.

Pretty Lou: How can ppl get in contact with you for future prospects?

Mista Blessington: BTW thanks for this interview Lou I normally don’t talk about my body of work, but they can reach our staff at StreetLoyalty@gmail.com

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Russell Simmons Talks About His New Book, Cipher Sounds, Early Hustles, & More

Russell Simmons sat down with Juan Epstein to talk about a variety of topics. Mr. Simmons has a new book about meditation on the way and opens up about his early hustles when he was younger. They also get to discuss the original Cipher Sounds as well. Check it out.

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